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Private Label Manufacturer

Private Label manufacturing

At Wirtzy Specialties we are actively developing, manufacturing, and packaging exceptional custom products for the private label market. We feature a listing of established stocked products and are continually expanding our library of offerings. We also have the ability to custom engineer products for your specific needs. Many of our formulas are available as ready-to-go products. All you need to do is add your personalized label.  We have considerable experience developing and delivering products that are fulfilled by Amazon and are well suited to help you launch your brand on Amazon and other online stores.

Private Label Manufacturing for Amazon and Wholesale
Custom Product Development
Custom Private Label Products
Private Label Manufacturer

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How we CAN Help

Ready to go private label products

Looking for a new product to go to market quickly and with low minimum order quantities? Consider one of our ready-to-go products and be selling overnight. We offer unlabeled bottles in small, single case sizes of 24 - 100 units. Just add your own label and you are ready to sell.

Filling and Labeling

Our primary business as a private label manufacturer is filling and labeling customized products. We service a wide variety of markets. Our customers sell on e-commerce as well as in brick and mortar stores, and range from startups to large original equipment manufacturers.

Custom Product Development

Interested in marketing a new product? Let our technical staff help you develop and manufacture your excellent idea. Start with quality components and complete your project by adding your brand name and private label packaging.

Secondary Packaging
Secondary packaging

While we focus on filling and labeling customized products, we also offer secondary packaging options to complete your product. Consider bagging, clam shells, individual boxes or kitting groups of items for sale.

Amazon Private Label Manufacturing

Are you looking to develop and market products for sale on Amazon? Let us work with you to get your project developed and on the market. We are an established domestic private label manufacturer and able to help you through the process of creating your own brand name products to sell on Amazon. As a final step, we are able to ship your custom products directly to Amazon’s distribution centers. If you prefer to control the shipping process yourself, we can ship to you. You decide. 

"Wirtzy Specialties helped us create our treadmill lubricant as well as several other products. Without question, their expertise and assistance, both in the area of custom product development and in product delivery, have been immeasurable in helping us to establish our brand. They are definitely our choice for a private label manufacturer."