What we do

Filling and labeling custom packaged products for the private label industry

Wirtzy Specialties is a reliable domestic provider of  high quality packaging solutions. From formulation and product development through secondary packaging and shipment, we are a full service manufacturer. Our clients range in size from start up companies interested in launching a new idea on a relatively small scale to well established companies selling their brands on the world market and in big box stores.

Filling and Labeling

Our primary business is filling and labeling customized products for the private label industry. Most often, we start by blending one of our proven formulas, custom package the material, and then finish by adding our client’s label. We are able to provide a variety of  filling and labeling services. The list on the right highlights our most common filling services . If you have questions or want to learn more, please contact us.

  • Liquid Filling
  • High Viscosity Filling of Pastes & Gels
  • Hot Pour Filling
  • Tube Filling and Sealing
  • Pouch Filling
  • Powder & Solids Filling
  • Labeling: Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and Hand
  • Induction Sealing
Private Label Services
Product Development

product development

Interested in marketing a new product? Can you envision a variation on an established product that would rock the market? Start by letting our technical staff help you develop and manufacture a product or private label that promotes your brand name and advertises your company. Establishing your brand name with high quality products is a proven method for gaining recognition. Because of this, many business rely on private label services as a highly cost effective marketing tool. 

We Offer:

  • "Private label ready" products: our standard formulas in our standard packaging
  • Modification of the packaging for one of our standard formulas
  • Modification of one of our standard formulas
  • Blending, labeling, and filling using a formula that you share with us
  • Re-packaging of a product you have in bulk
  • Custom development of a formula for you

Secondary Operations

Finishing touches make a difference. In a sea of products, top rate packaging will help your brand stand apart. You can rely on our services for your secondary packaging needs.

  • Bagging
  • Heat Shrinking
  • Clam Shelling
  • Kitting
  • Light Manufactoring
  • Check Weighing
Secondary Operations
Contract Manufacturing

contract manufacturing


Have a formula you need us to blend and pour? Maybe a product in bulk that you would like re-packaged into smaller units? With contract manufacturing, we start with your formulation and any parts and pieces you want included in your product. From there we add in the missing ingredients and components and put everything together into a finished product that represents your company. We are here to provide the contract manufacturing services that you need to create your private label product.

Private Label Manufacturing in the USA

Our products are manufactured exclusively in the USA. We value American craftsmanship and quality and believe in investing in the American economy and marketplace.