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Selling private label products on e-commerce lets you control your own brand.

Private labeling is one of the most profitable e-commerce business models. You control the product, the packaging, the marketing, the market, and the price. You set the standard for your brand. By private labeling, you win the Buy Box on Amazon, E-Bay and other online sites for your products and determine the messaging of your brand. We service a variety of markets from the smallest e-commerce seller to brick and mortar stores to large original equipment manufacturers. Most importantly, we have experience in preparing products for sale on sites like Amazon, E-Bay, and and can help you increase your online sales.

establishinging your brand

We make creating your custom products for e-commerce easy. You can be as involved as you want. Simply add your own label to tested products or start from the very beginning with a new idea or innovation.

  • Choose from our list of established formulations in standard packaging and simply add your own label.
  • Put one of our tested formulations into new packaging and finish it with your own label.
  • Emulate a proven seller and a gain a share of the market.
  • Work with our team to develop your new or unique idea into a reality.

SHIP your products to the world

After your product is complete, we can help you prepare for sales on e-commerce sites like Amazon and ship to them directly or send the finished units to you so that you can control the distribution.

  • Let us package your product for individual sale and ship a box or pallet directly to the e-store for you. We have experience and know the ins and outs of the shipping procedures for Amazon, Walmart, and other major players in the e-commerce world.
  • Have your finished product shipped directly to you so you can implement your own distribution plan.


Ever Clever successfully sells on multiple e-commerce sites. Several of the products we manufacture for them have been named Amazon’s Choice. In addition, their private label products earn top rankings as well as accolades from customers. 

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